Conservatory Base Construction

The base of your conservatory is one of the most important things to get right, as it will determine how easy the construction will be and also how stable and long lasting the conservatory is.


As with any annex to your house your conservatory is going to need decent foundations, this will require clearing the topsoil down to about 150mm and then digging the foundation trenches, usually between 650mm and 1000mm deep for the concrete of the foundation. The actual depth of the foundations will vary dependent on the type of ground you conservatory is being built upon, consult a local expert for the best advice in this area.

Damp Proof Course

Ensure that you have a proper damp proof ourse installed in your consrvatory base as this will prevent problems with damp seeping into the fabric of the main house from your onservatory walls.

Conservatory Base Wall

The conservatory base wall can either be a proper cavity brick wall, or can be a prefabricated base such as the Instabuild Conservatory base system which allows the simple construction of the conservatory base and floor. The Instabuild conservatory base can be obtained with a variety of finishes including brick, stone and rendering to allow it to be matched to the rest of the house.