The Victorian Conservatory

The quintessentially English victorian conservatory is defined by its shape and structure, we shall try and define this and what differentiates it from the Edwardian conservatory here.

Victorian Style

The Victorian conservatory is best defined by its bay window, traditionally a 3 or 5 sided bay giving rise to the terms five sided and seven sided conservatory (a five sided conservatory having two main sides plus a three sided bay at the end and a seven sided conservatory having two main sides and a 5 sided bay).

Victorian conservatories are also typified by an ornate roof ridge, though this roof ridge continued on into the Edwardian period. The main difference between the two styles is the bay front on the Victorian

Victorian conservatories can also come in 'P' shape where the conservatory has a lean to part making up the stem of the 'P' and a main area with a bay front protruding further from the main house.