Conservatory Heaters - Too Many Choices?

Winter heating for your conservatory can extend the use of your conservatory and make it a pleasant environment during colder weather, helping you make the most of the investment you have made in your conservatory.

There are a number of heating options for your conservatory, and your choice will depend upon the use you wish to make of your conservatory during the colder months. Central heating is the option to go for if you use your conservatory regularly, however this will be an expensive option and for lowr use conservatories radiators and convection heaters can be a much better option.

Underfloor Heating

underfloor heating is generally available in two formats Fixed and Flexible matting. Flexible matting is similar to a fixed mat system but has the added advantage of being flexible and will stretch up to 50% in length for in-situ adjustments. With the heating cable secured to the mat in a uniform pattern, hot and cold spots are easily avoided.

Matting systems are usually laid on a concrete floor and then tiles are placed over the heating system. Some matting systems can aso be screeded over so that the heating system is embedded in the concrete of the conservatory floor.

Convection Heaters

A traditional convection heater relies on air passing over an extremely hot electrical element before dispersing the heated air out into the conservatory atmosphere.

Radiant Panel Heating

A radiant heating system can offer energy savings of up to 40 percent. It's also quieter, cleaner and more efficient than forced air heating systems. Radiant panels also reduce condensation and dust movement.

Infra Red Heaters

Infra Red heaters only warm people and objects within a conservatory and not the air in between ensuring that less heat is lost when a door is opened. They can also be used in a patio environment.

Oil Filled Radiators

Oil filled radiators heat the air by natural convection, with the raditor itself being the heat source. The oil within the radiator is heated by an enclosed electrical element within the heater.