The Conservatory Roof - Last But Definitely Not Least!

The roof is the most important part of your conservatory, as fitting it can cause you the biggest headaches of your entire construction. You will need to consider materials, ease of fitting and strength of the roof. Most conservatory roofing companies provide an aluminium prefabricated roof as their main offering, and even if your conservatory is a uPVC conservatory it is often a good idea to consider an aluminium roof.

What To Ask

One of the first questions you should ask about your conservatory roof system is whether it is thermally clad or thermally broken in order to provide better insulation and reduce the risk of condensation.

You should also ask whether there is a range of gutering and drainpipes to complement the roof system, and you should ask about the guarantees, are these the same as for the rest of your conservatory.


Most consrvatory roof manufacturers only sell into the trade (the manufacturers of conservatories and double glazing). However you will need to look at the manufacturers specs for the roofing system when choosing a conservatory. Some of the better known manufacturers are Synseal, Ultraframe, Quantal and Wendland.