Advantages and Disadvantages of Swimming Pool Enclosures

The swimming pool enclosure is often a large conservatory building covering the pool, and although these almost invariably require planning permission and can require supports and beams, thus being significantly more expensive than the average conservatory they can make a pool usable all year round.

When building new swimming pool or remodeling your existing swimming pool choosing to add a swimming pool enclosure to your home can become a difficult decision. When making the choice to enclose your pool your not it is important to weigh the pros and cons of installing a swimming pool enclosure.

Advantages of Pool Enclosures

Swimming Pool Enclosure in the UK One of the biggest advantages to having a swimming pool enclosure is that it will help keep your pool cleaner. Pool enclosures keep your pool cleaner by acting as a physical barrier that keeps most leaves, sticks, and other debris from falling into the pool. This means you will have to spend less time and money cleaning and maintaining your swimming pool. Also, by having an overall cleaner pool your filters and pumps are less likely to become clogged and damaged.

The second major advantage of the swimming pool enclosure is that it provides protection from the elements, a very important consideration in the UK.

Swimming pool enclosures can also act as a safety precaution. Children and animals who may wander into your garden are denied access to your pool, preventing accidental drownings. In many areas, homes that have a pool without a pool enclosure are required to build a fence to prevent accidental drowning.

Pools that are located in areas that experience problems with bugs and flies can greatly benefit from having a swimming pool enclosure installed. The screens on the enclosure can prevent many biting bugs from flying in and ruining any pool party.

Disadvantages of Pool Enclosures

Swimming pool enclosures do have a few disadvantages. One of those disadvantages is the upkeep and maintenance. Large storm debris or small animals can damage the screens and result in repair costs. Squirrels are notorious for climbing pool enclosures and causing costly repairs.

Another disadvantage to swimming pool enclosures is their look. Some people find they do not like the look and feel of the pool enclosure on their home. However, pool enclosures can be built in a variety of different styles so this problem can be remedied by proper design Homes that have an impressive view may also find a pool enclosure distracting. A once clear view of the pasture or sea can become clouded by a swimming pool enclosure.

Although there are a few disadvantages to having a swimming pool enclosure on your home most people find them to be a wise purchase. Swimming pool enclosures can save the average pool owner time and money while increasing the resale value of your home.